Best food in Melbourne: Little Cupcakes

[Little Cupcakes la meilleure boutique de cupcakes de Melbourne, un plaisir pour les yeux, des cupcakes délicieux, du très bon café, le tout situé dans mon quartier préféré !]

Little Cupcakes

OK, there is little chance that you haven’t visited or even heard of the Little Cupcakes if you live in Melbourne and happen to have a soft spot for cupcakes.

But just in case you haven’t. Places like this are the reason why I will never be skinny. There is just too much sweet goodness in the world.
The shop in itself is already very sweetly decorated, with a very friendly and cosy atmosphere, if you do get a chance to find a spot on one of the two wooden tables.
Their coffee is excellent and actually a fair bit cheaper than most cafes around. But let’s get to the point, the cupcakes! Probably the sweetest little things I have ever tasted but when it tastes this good, there is no amount of sweetness I cannot handle. They have a wide range of flavours (but they aren’t all available everyday) and all come in two sizes. I know that their best-seller is the Red Velvet, but my personal favourites are the Strawberry and the Cookies ‘N Cream ones.

Little Cupcakes

Little Cupcakes

In my opinion, what is the best about them is the icing, the trickiest thing to get right with cupcakes. Theirs is always very creamy and smooth, never dry.
As you would expect from a champion cupcake store, they are also beautifully decorated, in a very simple but cute way, not that you get to admire the work of art for very long before gulping them down.
You can also order them in advance and take them to client meetings for instance, as I used to do all the time.
And last but not least, they are located on one of my favourite streets of Melbourne, Degraves St, conveniently tucked in between Flinders St Station and the best part of Flinders Lane.

Little Cupcakes
Shop 7 Degraves St
Melbourne City
Mon – Fri : 9 am – 6 Pm
Sat : 10 am – 5.30 pm

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5 thoughts on “Best food in Melbourne: Little Cupcakes

  1. @ Luxe and Vintage : Je suis sûre que tu arriverais à te forcer 😉
    @ Mariend : Ils sont TROP bons, c'est ça leur problème (et le mien !)
    @ Melle Tam : oui oui, une visite aux Little Cupcakes est obligatoire si tu viens à Melbourne !
    @ElodieVeryPetit : En général j'ai l'eau à la bouche rien qu'en entrant dans la boutique…

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